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Wrap N Ride© Sport Medicine Splint Boots - Pair

Product Description
The WRAP N RIDE© Boot is made of lightweight bacteria resistant Neoprene with specially woven Conforma© Fibers. Providing 360-degrees of protection and safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue. The uniquely designed WRAP N RIDE© stretches upon each impact of the hoof, allowing full ankle movement while eliminating hyperextension of the fetlock. Bar F Products is unsurpassed in the arena of equine performance products. The WRAP N RIDE© is dependable equine protection for top performance. Using our PW System© on the the boot not only ensures a perfect, glove-like fit, but also keeps dirt and debris from entering.
  • Provides A Snug Fit With No Bulk.
  • Prevents Dirt And Debris From entering Using Our PW System©.
  • Armor Padded In The Splint Area.
  • Designed To Protect From Striking Injuries.
$49.95 $59.95

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