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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the quality of your horse boots compare to other brands?
A. Bar_F & Pelham Ascot horse boots are made from the finest quality materials,  designed to provide superior protection, fit and comfort for your horse. We have been around for over 30 years because our products are durable and easy to maintain and offer dependable protection to horse owners worldwide.

Q. What sets Bar_F & Pelham Ascot horse boots apart from other brands?
A.  We are not just a retailers. We are pioneers in the manufacturer of quality horse boots recognized industrywide as being the highest quality and safest boots available. Horse boots are what we do, and we do it well. Our boots are made by horsemen for horseman.  

Q. What disciplines are your Horse Boots made for?
A. Our horse boots are made for all disciplines, including Barrel Racing, Racing, Polo, Roping, Steer Wrestling, Show Jumping, Stadium Jumping, Hunter Jumper, Cross Country Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Trail Riding, Schooling, Dressage, Reining, Cutting, Equitation, Western Pleasure, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Team Penning & Endurance.

Q. Who needs Horse Boots?
A. Every horse can benefit from Horse Boots, which offers an excellent insurance policy to protect their horse from injuries and stresses which may lead to temporary or even permanent lameness.

Q. How can Ankle or Fetlock Boots protect my horse?
A. Ankle Horse Boots protect your horse's hind fetlocks while allow full range of motion during work or competition against hitting and are an excellent purchase to protect your investment.

Q. How can Open Front Boots protect my horse?
A. Our Open Front Horse Boot offers lightweight providing protection and comfort for your horse's front legs. The soft, flexible area at the top of the boot back allows for freedom of movement, especially when jumping - making our Open Front Horse Boots an excellent choice for Jumping.

Q. How can Bell  or Over Reach Boots help protect my horse?
A. Bell Boots offer great protection to the hoof, bulbs of the heel & the coronary band & are a "must have" for many riding disciplines & even turnout. An injury to the coronary band can take months to heal & can cause both mild & even acute lameness. Bell Boots can actually help prevent a horse from accidentally pulling his own shoes.

Q. How can Tendon, Splint or Galloping Boots help protect my horse?                       A. Splint Boots are designed to protect from bumps & bruises. These boots protect the delicate tendons and ligaments that run down the horse's legs from stress, brushing and impact from either there own legs, another horses legs or even a barrel, rope, polo mallet or any other foreign object that may strike and injury the lower legs.

Q. How can Sports Medicine Boots help protect my horse?                                           A. Our Sports Medicine boots prevent injury and provide support for your equine athlete. Our Wrap N' Ride is a great all around boot with light support for all 4 legs.  For a more orthopedic boot, try our MPact Stealth, unsurpassed for suspensory support, the first of its kind.  Our Mpact Stealth has a removable suspensory support strap, so these boots can be used for everyday use as well.