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Open Front Jumping Boots

Product Description

Presenting a full line of quality protective English Boots. All are hand made using only the finest quality materials. Our Boots are designed to support and protect the cannon bones, splint bones, sesamoids, pastern, flexor and extensor tendons, suspensory ligaments and the fetlock area of the horse's leg.

  • Designed for the Eventing or Stadium Jumping.
  • Open front design.
  • This washable Open Front jumping boot is made of waterproof Coverlight.
  • Long life 2 inch elastic straps give lots of adjustments for proper fit and protection.
  • One larger Single Double-lock on top.
  • Two straps crossing to provide protection and secure fit on lower portion of the boot.
  • Fleece lining.
  • Easy On, Easy Off, Washable.